Monday, December 31, 2012


this little hat is wonderful for its versatile size- it fits both my 1 1/2 year old and my husband! and it's an incredibly-super-easy and fast knit.

yarn: yarn bee (bought @ hobby lobby- don't judge! i support my LYS at every opportunity) andes alpaca
color: paradise (732)
needle: size 8 6" circ.
gauge: UNstretched 6 sts in pattern (k2,p2,k2)= 1.25"*
ends can be woven in with a tapestry needle or crochet hook

 co 68 sts w/ backwards loop method, join in round

begin 2x2 rib (k2, p2) and continue until piece measures 11" or desired length

to get the cute pokeys on the top you're going to fold the hat in half and kitchener your sts together- this is a subtle join and very flexible.

to finish: weave in ends

*(i used almost all of the 120 yds of yarn, so depending on your tension (i'm a loose knitter) you might get more or less hat length out of the yarn. no worries! a little shorter or longer isn't going to impact the overall look of the hat- the bottom folds over which makes the size more adjustable)

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  1. love this hat! I was given two balls of this yarn for a crochet project, but I really like that hat! It will be the first hat I've ever knit, and I'm wondering if it could be done on double pointed needles as well, since that's what I have?

  2. i'm jealous! i love this yarn. and i love this hat. unfortunately my son lost his at our local meijer and someone took off with it. :(

    but anyway, absolutely! just be careful as there's more potential for dropped stitches since you'll have a decent amount of them on each needle.